What is SEO and what are the benefits?

What is SEO? In simple terms SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This can best be explained by using an example. The Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing normally display sites depending on what they believe is important and has authority. They normally make sure that only the relevant sites pop up when you make a search. This is determined from the analysis that they make after they take a look at the pages. The pages that have the most votes which are determined by the number of links that they have are the ones that are displayed first. The links in this case are like the votes that the site has. The more the votes for that particular site, the higher the probability of the site to be among the first to be displayed. These search engines are the ones that promote the sites that they feel have more power.

How does SEO work? SEO is not very hard. The key to a successful SEO is to make sure that you have content that is relevant and of good quality. You then have to make use of words that people normally use as they are doing their searches on the internet. In this way when someone makes a search they your site will be among the ones to pop up first. You however should not just stop here. You also have to make look for a way of getting links from other pages. In this way when people visit these pages then they can click on the links and be directed to your sites. When you have more links then more people are going to get to your site and have access to your information. You can do this on your own or you can make use of the many SEO companies that are available and offer these services. You however need to be very careful when selecting a particular SEO company because some of them are just a money making affair.

To summarize the question, what is SEO? We can just say that SEO is an advertising strategy that aims to market you in the internet. It is a way of making more and more people aware of your sites. You may have a site in the internet for years and years without anyone knowing that the site exists. SEO helps to make the site more visible.